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Custom Order

Bridal & Evening Wear Design Submission Request

A custom design requires more time and attention, therefore we have limited availability and high demand for this service.

This application process ensures that we understand your vision and desires for a one-of-a-kind gown that will be worth the wait. We can dedicate more time to creating collection pieces and giving custom orders the attention they require by choosing only the designs that truly excite us.

To help fill out this form please download our free Style Guide first!

Note: Collection dresses are available year-round. Consider one of these if time is of the essence!

Wedding Details

Please provide a date at least ONE MONTH before your event to ensure your gown is completed in time. Typical turn-around time is 4-6 months including alterations.


Dress Details

Style Category
Desired silhouette style?
  • Where are the dresses made?
    Our dresses are designed in Victoria, BC from our studio showroom. Our designer liaises the mockups, sketches and technical packages to our equally talented production partner overseas. It was important to choose a manufacturer with the following qualities: 1. Ethical business practices 2. High-quality craftsmanship 3. Willingness to work with a small order quantity since all my dresses are made per order, never mass-produced. Their partnership allows us to better serve our clients, like offering hems and fit alterations FREE of charge and keeping our gowns at a comfortable price point.
  • Do you have samples for sale?
    We only have a single size 12 sample of each collection style to showcase the work quality and try on in the studio. Sign up for our email list to be notified of any sales we might have at the end of the season (Nov-Jan).
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